Thanks for everything!

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our supporters and racers throughout the years for coming out to race with us, hang out, support our events and helping grow the mountain bike community. We have made new friends over the years and reconnected with old friends. These memories will remain indefinitely.

Over the years, with your help and participation, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a part of an exciting community that allowed us to create gravity focused mountain bike races and we thank each and every one of you. The love and support received does not go unnoticed nor forgotten.

It is now time for Kodiak Tough to close our doors and say farewell. While the years have been filled with wonderful memories, it has taken time away from our families and in turn, it is time to shift the importance from building an amazing mountain bike community, to enjoying family time.

As the saying goes – as one door closes, another door opens. While Kodiak Tough is closing its door permanently and will no longer be a race promoter, the Southern Enduro Tour brand and races will live on through new ownership. We are super stoked and excited to announce that the Southern Enduro Tour will now be owned and operated by Slaughter Trail Guides and Dustin Slaughter. Dustin will take over full ownership and operational control of the Southern Enduro Series.

The Southern Enduro Tour will continue with the scheduled Stop #3 at Dinosaur Valley State Park – March 10, 2019. Kodiak Tough will hand over the keys to Slaughter Trail Guides as the new race promoter for this event. We hope everyone will come out and support Slaughter Trail Guides as they move SET forward and also take a moment to say farewell to Kodiak Tough. The SET series will continue as planned for the following scheduled races:
• Stop #3 Dino Enduro – March 10, 2019 at Dinosaur Valley State Park
• Stop #4 Hill Country Eagle Enduro – March 23-24, 2019 in Rock Springs, Texas
• Stop #5 Iron Mountain Enduro – April 7, 2019 in Iron Mountain, AR

The Southern Enduro Tour Stop #6 O’Rock Epic Enduro currently has final permits in place; however, funding is still in the works. More to come on this race. All details for the upcoming races will be shared on the Southern Enduro Tour Facebook page:

We hope you continue your love and support of the Southern Enduro Tour. Slaughter Trail Guides’ goal is to keep all of the things we love about enduro mountain bike racing: gravity trails, easy pedal transitions with your friends, accurate race timing, with cold beer and food waiting for you at the end of each day as you relive race day with race stage recaps next to bonfires and friends.

We wish the best to Slaughter Trail Guides and have no doubt the spirit and enjoyment of the Southern Enduro Tour races will continue in his good hands. We look forward to seeing how the Southern Enduro Tour will continue to progress, evolve, grow and allow racers the opportunity to share in the adventures and events.

Please take a moment to go follow the Southern Enduro Tour Facebook page below to stay connected with the latest race dates, upcoming events, and news.

Once again, thank you for all of the support and love throughout the years. We love you all and wish everyone the best!

Go shred some trails!

Your Kodiak Tough Crew